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Students should: 

  • Aim for high standards of achievement at all times.
  • Take responsibility for their learning and, where necessary, ask for help and guidance in improving their work. 
  • Carry out with admiration and enthusiasm their scalar responsibilities.


Parents should:

  • Be aware of the academic life of their child.
  • Attend all meetings requested by the school.
  • Support and encourage their child's learning through working in partnership with the school. 


The teaching staff will ensure that:

  • The curriculum is delivered effectively.
  • The curriculum is delivered with due regard to the individual needs of each pupil, particularly those with special educational needs and gifted and talented children, and differentiated as appropriate.
  • Planning is done in the best possible way and with relevant goals to the needs of the children.
  • The procedures for assessment meet all legal requirements, and results are published.
  • There is equality of access to the whole curriculum.


The Principal will ensure that:

  • School policies are approved and reviewed at appropriate intervals.
  • All school policies and procedures are checked against the principles set out in the curriculum policy.
  • All teaching staff fulfil their roles and responsibilities.


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