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The school's 21st-century learning expectations reach beyond the acquisition and application of knowledge in specific subject areas to encompass those skills and competencies that educational research and policy have identified as necessary for students to learn and which will serve as the foundational processes for future learning in career or post-secondary education. These learning expectations address academic, social, and civic competencies. While these skills may change or others may be determined, GIS has chosen the following as having relevance:



  • Students are able to solve problems with both conventional and innovative methods.
  • Students communicate effectively through oral, written, visual, artistic, and technical modes of expression.
  • Students demonstrate the acquisition of core knowledge in defined subject areas.
  • Students read for comprehension and to effectively analyze arguments and opinions.
  • Students are able to think critically as an individual and in collaboration with others.
  • Students demonstrate the acceptance of challenge and commitment through perseverance.



  • Students demonstrate appropriate personal, interpersonal, and professional skills and behaviours.
  • Students demonstrate integrity and ethics.
  • Students demonstrate respect for diversity.
  • Students demonstrate self-reliance, time management, and acceptance of personal responsibility.



  • Students demonstrate community involvement.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding of cultural and political actions required of a responsible, active citizen.
  • Students demonstrate an awareness of their global responsibility to others and the environment.


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