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Aims And Principles

At Gheras International School, we aim to provide a curriculum to develop curious thinkers who love learning and who can demonstrate independent thought. The curriculum should create an environment where questioning, academic risk-taking, divergent thinking, and the freedom to learn from mistakes are all encouraged. We offer a curriculum designed to nurture high aspirations, opportunities, and challenges for youngsters in the 21st Century. Our curriculum should imbue in our students these qualities: Confidence, Responsibility, Reflectiveness, Innovation, Engagement and Tolerance.

Our curriculum aims to provide all children with exciting learning opportunities. As well as covering the different subject areas within the British Curriculum, as a school, we focused on the 'Aspects of Learning' that underpin successful learning and must be promoted throughout our curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to allow each student to: 

  • Achieve the best possible academic qualifications and standards, whatever their abilities. 
  • Ensure high levels of engagement, enjoyment and personal development. 


We aim for our curriculum to develop students who: 

  • Are inducted into the essential knowledge, skills and discourse of subject disciplines and are able to establish specialisms according to aptitude. 
  • Can appreciate human achievement in the field of languages, mathematics, science, technology, humanities, and creative and expressive arts and experience a sense of personal accomplishment in these fields during their time at school. 
  • Acquire an understanding of the world's social, economic, environmental and political aspects and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations, creating a good sense of International awareness.
  • Can link areas of knowledge in a spirit of enquiry and transfer skills from one place to another. 
  • Are resourceful and able to solve problems using the knowledge and skills they have gained. 
  • Become lifelong learners responsible for their own achievements and progress, reflective learners who understand their strengths and how they can be used, who can identify areas for development and know what to do to make progress. 
  • Can show resilience in their learning, persevering even when tasks are challenging and understanding how to access help when needed. 
  • Can work effectively in a team but also concentrate for long periods alone and manage  distractions. Have a substantial value of Tolerance and live with the principles of this, recognize and celebrate their backgrounds and have admiration for others.


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