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2. Starting toilet training

Toilet training allows your child to develop a tremendous sense of independence as they are in control of going to the toilet themselves and don't require you to change their nappy. If they have an accident when they are learning to go to the bathroom, they can change their clothes. You need to allow them to change themselves and help if required; this will make them feel capable of changing their clothes.

They will begin to feel confident in themselves whenever they go to the toilet, knowing they can do it themselves. We are sharing with you some valuable tips that could help you help your child to be toilet trained.

  • Have your child decorate the toilet chair.
  • Suppose you want to train your child in the morning and afternoon for a few hours at home. Let him eat, drink, and play as expected, but every 15 minutes, put him on the potty. At the end of a session, revert to a diaper or pull-up and go on with your day. When you get home, have another session. On the third day, go for an all-day session. If you leave the house, have a spare potty in the car or visit places, you're sure to have public restrooms.
  • Encourage your child to sit on the potty chair — with or without a diaper.
  • Ensure your child's feet rest firmly on the floor or a stool.
  • For boys, it's often best to master urination sitting down.
  • Stay with your child in the bathroom.
  • Reward your child when using the toilet. Stickers, stamps on the hand, or a single M&M are all good potty prizes. Kick it up a notch by taking your child to choose the special potty prize.
  • If you reward with stickers at home, bring some for the teacher—she'll gladly give them to your potty pro.
  • Lay off milk and juice at least an hour before bedtime to help your child stay dry at night. That might mean you serve a later dinner so your child's complete and doesn't need more food and drinks right before bed. Remember, nighttime training often comes later than daytime training; you might want to focus on one at a time, so you don't overwhelm your kiddo. It's OK for him to start sleeping and napping in a pull-up. He'll likely wake up dry if you reel in the drinks, and soon he'll be ready to hit the sack in underwear.
  • Please avoid going overboard. "Then, when your child has an accident, he may be deflated by the lack of support." Tell him that accidents happen!
  • Please buy a book related to the subject and read it to your child at night before sleeping
  • Use a training diaper until he is ready.


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